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Still Waiting on Tech Support?

With more than 25 years of experience, our certified engineers will resolve your problems within minutes.

The engineers at Loquient are knowledgeable, quick and available 24/7 – highly recommended.

Elizabeth Glynn

Chief Executive Officer | Travois

About Loquient

Established in 1994, Loquient provides all-inclusive business technology service and support across the greater Kansas City area and nationwide. We build long-term relationships based on strategic growth and efficient management of our clients’ information technology infrastructure, software, and assets.

Worried About Security Threats and Malware?

Loquient has you covered – we provide unmatched defense against millions of system threats with our comprehensive security suite.

“The first intuitive Managed IT service provider we have worked with. Loquient is always one step ahead of our needs.”

Christina Dreiling

Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program

Is your business tech vulnerable?


Privacy & Security

Millions of new malware threats are released worldwide every day.  Loquient engineers keep your business technology safe and secure by continually monitoring, scanning, and assessing for security threats.

Loquient’s managed service delivers a complete protection solution through automation, remote management, proactive monitoring, and help desk support.  Among other capabilities, our platform:

  • Analyzes any vulnerabilities in your systems
  • Identifies weaknesses and prioritizes fixes
  • Provides constant protection with live updates and proactive monitoring to block threats.

If Disaster Strikes are You Ready?

Loquient’s flexible and scalable failover solution gives your business the power to be back up and running instantly.

Loquient keeps us up and running with no downtime. I don’t know what we’d do without them.

Steve Koon, Ph.D.

President | Robertson-Williams Transport

Is your business tech reliable?


Backup, Recovery & Failover

What happens to your critical technology infrastructure if disaster strikes?


Your data would be safe and available because Loquient’s backup service addresses the requirements for physical, virtual, and Cloud environments.

Disaster Recovery

Loquient engineers can recover data deleted from drives, even when the drives have been reformatted.  Our systems can recover data from various technology media, including thumb drives, cameras, disks, and tapes.


Our failover solutions give your business the power to be up and running within minutes of a disaster.  Loquient’s solution adapts to ever-changing IT environments and provides your business the ability to easily restore or migrate any physical or virtual machine to a new environment.

Confused About the Best Mix of Cloud Solutions for Your Business?

Loquient has extensive experience with helping clients evaluate and migrate to popular cloud solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, Rackspace, MindShift, and more.   We make the process easy and straightforward by doing the heavy lifting for you.  Ask about our easy migration tool for Office 365 that makes moving your data effortless.

Loquient not only helped us choose the best cloud platform for our business, but made the migration process a snap.

Chad Simmons

Simmons Principal Properties

Is your business tech flexible and scalable?


Cloud Solutions

Private, public, or hybrid Cloud solutions can be a lifesaver by allowing your business to share, edit, and publish information in a unified system that streamlines everyday processes.

In consultation with you, Loquient can select and implement best-in-class Cloud solutions that are:


Your Cloud capabilities grow as your business grows.


Your employees access and collaborate on projects anywhere, anytime.


You optimize the solutions your company already employs and customize additional technology to fit your unique business needs.


Your data is encrypted with multiple layers of protection to ensure your data’s security and privacy.

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