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Established by Craig Armstrong in 1994, Loquient provides all-inclusive business technology service and support across the greater Kansas City area and nationwide. We build long-term relationships based on strategic growth and efficient management of our clients’ information technology infrastructure, software, and assets.

Our People

Our industry-certified engineers and project managers have extensive experience with all business computer technology products and solutions, including Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Dell, Meraki, Xerox, and IBM. A specialized support team manages each client’s computer hardware, software, and business-critical technologies.

Our Approach

Since its inception in 1994, Loquient has maintained its focus to provide all-inclusive, quality computer technology services and computer repair throughout the greater Kansas City metro area and nationwide. We configure and suggest business technology that ultimately adds to your bottom line.

By continually monitoring, maintaining, and replacing equipment when needed, Loquient ensures that our clients experience no downtime. Our mission is to build long-term relationships based on strategic growth and efficient management of clients’ information technology assets. You are more than just a client; you are family.

What We Offer

In today’s market, computer and information technology is an integral part of a thriving business. Often, the key to major competitive business advantage is the effective use and availability of computer technology. Loquient’s certified professional engineers offer complete business technology and computer repair, support and services in a personal way. Think of it as having your own specialized assistant who knows the workings of your business and the information technology inside and out. Services range from hourly support to monthly service agreements for around the clock service and support 365 days a year. We make it easy for you by simplifying the purchase, maintenance and use of all business computer technology equipment. In addition, we also have the knowledge and expertise to create personalized databases to assist business operations.

Qualified Expertise

Loquient assigns a primary technology consultant and computer engineer to each client, creating a highly personalized experience. Loquient engineers possess demonstrated proficiency and are certified for all computer systems, information technology products and online solutions including Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Hewlett Packard (HP) and Cisco. Every Loquient engineer is part of a technology team to further help you manage your growing technology needs. Our goal is to provide all-inclusive computer technology expertise to ensure that your organization or business never experiences downtime due to computer malfunction, configuration or lack of maintenance.

Personalized Service

To ensure the best care for our clients’ technology needs, we have established Loquient OneCare, an on-the-spot email request system for technology support. The OneCare option will generate a service inquiry ticket, assign a computer engineer and provide a quick response to communicate understanding of your needs. Loquient OneCare ensures that every problem is addressed in a quick and efficient manner. No aspect of computer repair or information technology services is too small or too complex.

Who We Serve

Small businesses have the same technology needs as large corporations; however, they often have defined budgets that must cover all computer infrastructure expenses. Loquient specializes in maximizing your technology investment to bring about a competitive business advantage, regardless of the size of your company. We recognize that effective and efficient business information technology systems are a vital aspect of day-to-day operations. From email systems to accounting and enterprise resource planning systems and sales tools, Loquient engineers have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your technology infrastructure aligns with business objectives.


In a global economy, companies need technology ecosystems that provide 100 percent reliability and competitive advantage. Loquient’s certified engineers can guide companies to solutions that best fit their needs, helping them leverage technology tools as a profit center for faster and sustainable growth.


Non-profit organizations require someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in computer repair or network management for their unique needs. They want technology support that can offer them high visibility in the community without charging an exorbitant fee for their services. Loquient offers non-profits special pricing along with the same quality and personal service we would provide any growing or existing company.

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