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Business Technology

Our engineers perform an in-depth environmental scan of your current technology infrastructure to document and record all system configurations, passwords, and technical support information. They monitor, maintain, and manage replacement of equipment or software.

365/24/7 Dedicated
Tech Support

At Loquient, every client is assigned two business technology engineers who are available 24/7/365. You can request support by email, phone or text message through our automated help desk system and a certified engineer will personally respond within minutes. We ensure that all companies covered by our computer maintenance plans are able to continue business as usual despite internal or external staffing and provider changes.

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New Technology

We negotiate significant hardware, software, and Cloud services discounts on your behalf and implement technologies that save time, increase productivity, bring customers to your door, and decrease the length of your sales cycle.

Technology Services

Estimating costs for computer repair and technology services can be time consuming. Expenses can range widely from month-to-month and are often difficult to manage. Kansas City’s Loquient Tech Source has solved these problems by providing a low monthly business technology maintenance fee based on the number of supported computer-based devices within a business or organization. Companies can easily project annual computer technology costs accurately and avoid any unnecessary expenses related to needs for service, support, and repair.

Information technology service and computer support service programs are available for network servers, workstations, and mobile devices to ensure that costs remain the same-even when extensive service is necessary. To determine the monthly technology service rate for your company, call 913.221.0430 today to schedule an appointment with a certified systems engineer.


Cloud and Hosted Solutions

There are many options for selecting cloud technologies whether hosting applications such as Exchange server, virus, maleware, and SPAM filtering, or SharePoint file sharing. Loquient Tech Source is your resource for selecting the best in cloud host solution providers and strategies for outsourcing business technology and computer equipment maintenance and repair. Considering the costs for maintaining and purchasing computer equipment, it may be advantageous for some businesses to consider the use of a cloud solution-an offsite, online server support system. Loquient’s engineers are knowledgeable of the services and technology offered through offsite, online computer server systems and are confident they can reduce costs and positively affect your company’s bottom line.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers are one of the most important assets to your business. Loquient Tech Source offers a variety of computer technology solutions that integrate with existing software, such as Outlook through CRM, to generate leads, manage clients and track sales data. Combined with wireless synchronization and the use of mobile devices, these solutions can increase sales and enhance business relationships.


Disaster Recovery

Hard drive not responding? Back-up nonexistent? Using highly specialized computer technology, Loquient Tech Source engineers can recover data deleted from drives even when they have been reformatted. Our systems can recover data from many different types of technology media including thumb drives, camera media, disks and tape.


Loquient OneCare

In order to assist our clients quickly and efficiently, Loquient has established Loquient OneCare. By sending an email to our support center the client may inform us of a computer or technology malfunction. We will respond to their request and create a service ticket instantly that will enable you to track the progress of your request and provide feedback. We want to offer you the best in customer service and believe this will give us the opportunity to take our service to the next level.


Maintenance Support Plans

Business owners, non-profit organizations and philanthropies should not experience the loss of productivity or time associated with technology malfunctions or need for computer repairs. With our flexible maintenance and support plans designed for large and small operations, technical assistance is available 24/7. We are here to assist your computer needs 365 days a year. Anytime and anywhere.


Mobile Devices

The need for mobility is vital for businesses and organizations offering telecommuting, flexible schedules, and PDA cellular devices to enhance productivity to achieve continued growth. Loquient Tech Source has several strategies for business and computer technology support to keep you connected and can work with any mobile phone service provider. Our computer technology services will allow you to access your computer and server, worldwide, using a web browser and stay connected-to ensure the timely receipt of email communications, calendar appointments, tasks and contacts wirelessly from your mobile phone.


Network Configuration

Loquient’s certified network engineers have the knowledge and experience to provide computer technology solutions and continued support to ensure and retain all your critical needs and business applications running smoothly.


Professional Technology Research

Confused about computer technology options? Let Loquient’s extensive experience guide you in selecting technology and computer solutions that best meet your needs. With over 15 years of experience, Loquient can recommend strategies and tools that remain flexible, cost effective, secure and reliable.


Project Planning

Loquient’s certified network engineers offer all levels of assistance from planning and budgeting to managing technology-based initiatives. Proven techniques make sure you stay on-time and on-budget.



Have a great idea for a computer technology or software product? Loquient Tech Source can assist you in developing prototypes for commercialization to achieve your dream. With a cadre of expert developers and project planners, Loquient makes the process easy.


Technology Management

Loquient Tech Source protects and guides customers from the chaotic computer environments and vulnerabilities by creating managed and predictable information technology infrastructures that are well protected. Loquient engineers can effectively manage Internet connections, cabled and wireless systems, routers, protective firewalls, databases, email servers, office desktops, software applications and more.



Computer applications, such as Microsoft Office, are packed with rich features that enhance productivity and simplify document creation. Our computer training programs concentrate on strategies for use and technology proficiency. With decades of experience in computer information and technology, our program managers have the knowledge to train you and your staff members. Enhance your next staff retreat or quarterly luncheon with a computer software training session. We will come to your office with treats in hand and make it fun learning experience for all to enjoy.


Web Development

Looking for something different in a web-site? Kansas City’s Loquient Tech Source offers proven strategies for designing and deploying web-based applications. Our unique approach will match and enhance your organization’s mission, business needs, goals and objectives with proven techniques and web-marketing strategies.


Wireless Access

Your employees need secure, reliable, network access options in the workplace. Using wireless router technologies from companies, such as Cisco, Loquient can provide wireless access to your network from virtually anywhere. Your work made simple by allowing you to enjoy the flexibility of meeting with clients, working on documents or answering email throughout your office.

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