iPhone vs droid

iPhone vs droid

iphone vs droidWhen it comes to smartphones, there are a million mind-numbing choices.  So which one is the best when it comes to iPhone vs Droid?  Not always an easy answer, but we do have some recommendations.

At Loquient Tech Source, we have been successfully matching technology and customers together since 1994.  We have learned a great deal over the decades and want to share what you should know before buying a device.

Functional vs. Fiddly

If you are like most, you just want things to work.  No one really enjoys spending hours trying to configure a device to work properly with Exchange or other email providers.  I also don’t enjoy reconnecting my device with a service over and over again, just to fix synchronization problems.

On the whole, once an iPhone is successfully connected with Exchange or a hosted email provider, the synchronization stays.  Unfortunately, this is not the same experience with Android or Droid based smartphone devices.  You can Google the search term “Droid Sync Issues” and will find over a million results.  Our experience has been when synchronization fails on a Droid or Android, the repair usually involves deleting the email sync account and re-establishing.  Although this fixes the issue, it is extremely annoying. So in this category of iPhone vs Droid, the iPhone wins.

Total Flexibility vs. Constraints

Android and Droid phones do have a great deal of flexibility.  You can flash your device with different versions of the Droid or Android operating system, configure almost every detail of the user experience, and find way to customize the home screen with add-in applications.  The iPhone, while flashable with jailbreak versions of the operating system, is a bit less flexible.  You void the warranty on your iPhone device if you flash using jailbreak applications.  From our experience, it is best to stay with the OS provided by Apple unless you are an advanced user.  For total flexibility in the iPhone vs Droid debate, the Droid wins.

I Want it Now vs. I Can Wait

Still waiting for Netflix on your Android or Droid device?  You might be waiting a while.  The bottom line, most companies develop for the iPhone platform first.  You also see many upgraded features and interfaces for the iPhone before Droid or Android.  If you have to have it now, the iPhone is your best bet.   In this category of latest and greatest for iPhone vs Droid, the iPhones have it.

Bottom line, we like the iPhone device and recommend to friends and family.  The interface is consistent and easy to use.  Most can use with little to no training.  iPhones are best for smartphone newbies who want consistent service without a great deal of user intervention.

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