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Technology Integrators as Profit CentersAlmost every business needs some form of technology or computer repair and support from time-to-time. But are you getting the most from your technology integration company investment?

What if your outsourced information technology company can be a profit center instead of a cost center? The answer is they can be. A good technology integrator should be able to negotiate on your behalf for significant hardware and software discounts as well, suggest technologies that save time, increase productivity, bring customers to your door, and decrease the length of your sales cycle.

Challenge your current company to provide a return on asset report that demonstrates how they contribute to the bottom line.

For more information about Loquient Tech Source’s return on asset strategies for companies nationwide, please feel free to call one of our business technology consultants today at 913.221.0431.

Computer Support

By Craig Armstrong
September 28, 2011 6:37 am

Confused about computer support and technology options?  Let Loquient’s extensive experience with computer support help you select computer technology and solutions that best meet your organizations’ goals and needs. With over 15 years of experience, Loquient Tech Source is well-equipped to provide and ensure all aspects of computer support.

As part of our ongoing computer support services, Loquient Tech Source will provide an initial assessment and will continually review and evaluate your technology systems. We will:

  • Evaluate current and future business technology needs
  • Recommend cost saving strategies
  • Support enterprise hardware, software and systems
  • Develop and implements disaster recovery plans
  • Perform risk assessments
  • Create greater network efficiencies

Your organization will benefit from ongoing support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year.  Never again will your company have to deal with finding a qualified computer repair technician at a critical time when your staff is hard at work to meet deadlines. 

A premier provider for computer technology and support throughout the Greater Kansas City Area, Loquient Tech Source is dedicated to providing exceptional quality customer service. We answer support requests right away and take immediate action to solve your problems.  Our computer technology engineers are also proactive in making regular scheduled visits to your office and are continually working behind the scenes to make sure your technology systems work smoothly.